I had my renovation done with Jun. We were first-time homeowners, clueless about everything and anything. Jun made the renovation process a breeze, he tried to understand our needs and openly shared his ideas with us. He was honest with his suggestions and has strong attention to details, which was one of the main reasons why we went with authors. Jun had very creative ideas for our house and was able to grasp our concept well.

He helped to arrange for all the deliveries and liaised with vendors for installations. Making it a breeze for me and my husband, as we are both busy at work. We trusted him completely and felt assured that we have him around to settle all these arrangements. Jun went out of his way to help us and even came down to assist us with assembling our IKEA furniture. Thanks Jun, if not my poor husband will probably take three days instead of three hours to complete it if he has me as his assembly partner (oops!! Haha).

We have been living in our new home for close to a month and there is no place I will rather be at! Thanks Jun and Authors for giving us such a lovely home to return to everyday!