Our renovation experience with David from Weiken (Tradehub 21) was nothing short of wonderful. During our first visit to Weiken, it was clear to us that David stood out from the rest. He was a sincere and approachable person, giving us the feeling of a good friend. That is an important aspect for us as there was no barrier to communication. By the second discussion/meet-up, we knew we could entrust our home to him. Given his vast amount of knowledge in the industry, it is especially reassuring to us as first-time homeowners.

There were obstacles along the way yet he resolved them without any resentment. This proves to us that David is passionate and takes his job seriously. Renovating a house is by no means an easy job. Yet, David surpassed our expectations and created a space that we could call ‘home’. A beautiful one. Excellent carpentry, kitchen, painting, electrical and plumbing works. Renovation works completed in a timely manner and without compromise towards quality. We are especially impressed by the carpentry work and design he proposed for our house.