I approached at least 4 IDs prior to my renovation, seeking for ideas and cost. Kevin is the only one that really listens and understands my needs and wants. While the others are either monetary driven (only will proceed if you agree to the quotes) or they prioritise aesthetic over practicability. Kevin, of course, has his ideas. However, he will always think of alternatives and options and works around to suit our desire.

He gives me great ideas that I didn’t think off. Suggestions that make the design stand out. I would say, he is attentive as well. In addition, he is also responsive. That’s important when you are renovating your nest.

I won’t say his quote is cheap but I find it reasonable. Then it comes to renovation, building your nest, don’t take the risk to pay something low and expect to get good quality. One plus points about Kevin is, he explains the cost clearly and why the quote is as such. For a noob like me, I really appreciate it and he didn’t take advantage of it.