In our search for an ID to build our home, my husband and I met 8 different IDs. We chose Randall Tan because he emerged as the most trustworthy, responsible and patient. He gave very practical tips and recommended places where we can purchase items necessary for our home, at a steal.

I loved to have parts of the home reserved for me to work on personal DIY projects and he was very understanding about it. He didn’t insist on building things that we didn’t want. With his experience, he dissuaded us from designing things that were impractical. As first-time homeowners, these tips and advice made our space planning a lot easier! We loved how he gave us the freedom to build a space that suited our lifestyle and most importantly matched our budget.

Lastly, he goes all out to ensure that were are satisfied with his work. In such projects, there is bound to be problems like defects in carpentry, tiling, lighting and even painting. But I’m pleased to say that he never failed to handle these issues well. He keeps a close eye on his contractors and I could tell that they respected him a lot too. On many occasions, Randall kept to his word and never disappointed us. We are blessed to be able to work with him 🙂

Now, we love our home so much, we stay in as much as we can! This would not have been possible without Randall’s help.