Thank you, Jack, from Neu Konceptz for creating a tasteful home for us. When we first got our keys to our new place, we were worried. The kitchen and the rooms were very small, and we didn’t like the wood base tone. Immediately we knew we have to seek help from a professional ID. Some quoted really low but the design was not to our liking. Others had great designs but it was not practical for our small place. Jack, however, focus on both the design and the functionality. We were overseas during the renovation period and was glad he actually took pictures to show us the progress. He also went the extra mile to take courses so as to provide the best material for his clients. We felt we were in good hands. Of course, there are bound to have some hiccups and flaws here and there, but we were glad he took responsibility and remained in contact to assist us. We were thankful and for that, we would like to applaud him for his effort and for being an ID we could trust.