I would like to say a very big thanks to our lovely designer, Shu Xian for the excellent job delivered to our new home.
Initially, we have met Shu Xian only having the intention to get a quotation for our renovation package. But throughout on the discussion, I find her very sincere, trustworthy and most importantly, very knowledgeable regarding every little detail that as a new first-time homeowner would not think about it. Especially we have a small kid to consider also, her suggestion and idea indeed had impressed us a lot.
We were very blessed and delighted to have Shu Xian. Throughout the whole renovate work, She goes an extra mile to ensure the lighting, carpentry work and painting are all nicely and smoothly done.
Her aftersales follow-ups were excellent too. Thank you so much to build a wonderful, beautiful home for my son, my hubby and me.