We’re super impressed by the ID we engaged to do up our home!

In coming up with the designs for our consideration, the ID (Kate) actually took the time and efforts to include features which would not be done by them so that we could see the full effect. For instance, the glass staircase which was supposed to be replaced by the developer and the blinds and lightings ordered from another company. ID made the effort to go and check them out for inclusion into the pic! We were stunned when we saw the pictures!

Some might say we paid a bomb for their services so they are doing the extras. Nay! Her charges are very reasonable in fact.

To add to the above, I was very relieved when the ID said she will project manage for us. She will oversee all works (including the developer’s replacement of the staircase, the installation by MioTv, the delivery of furniture, etc). And, she will do the touch up of paint works only after all furniture have been shifted in to make good any marks resulting from the shifting. She didn’t need to do that. But she saved me a lot of hassle by doing so!

Best, she completed all works within 3-4 weeks given that we are in quite a rush to shift!
Two thumbs up!