Hi everyone! Trust me, this is not a sponsored post. Free Space Intent is highly recommended. My family and friends would strongly recommend Ms Liao Yong Ping. How we started out on our ID journey is pretty much like everyone else. We sourced online, called friends, sought out contents through various portals. We had so many IDs calling us back and had arranged tons and tons of meet ups and visits as we planned to renovate our condo.

And gosh there were so many IDs! Some drove flashy cars, some spoke in slangs. Pretty much all of them were out there to impress. (perhaps maybe even to oversell their capabilities.)

Of all the IDs out there, we were most impressed with Yong Ping. Why? She simply focused on the most important thing to us – our son. My boy and her connected right away. And from start to finish, she never tried to put on any airs; nor did she push or over promise. Everything felt right from the start.

What was most remarkable about our journey was that the quality of Yong Ping’s work is top notch. She is dedicated, willing to fit our schedules (even meeting at 10 pm! or later). She is always a ‘yes’ woman. When we tell her what we want, she will spend time trying to help us deliver our dream. Rather than focus on what can’t be done or the cost of it.

Going the extra mile? Check.
Efficient and effective? Check.
Customer first? Check.

What more can I say? She delivered top quality products, efficiently on time, is responsible and will always put you first. She is transparent and never tries to hide hidden cost to make a quick buck. Let’s just say within a week of finishing our home, we engaged her again to renovate another project of ours. True story.

Like any cheesy story, at this moment, we are friends. Our journey may have begun as an ID and customer, but we ended up being friends.

Trust me. You won’t ever regret choosing Yong Ping.