4 Room BTO with Flooring, duration abt 2mths. After 6mths finally settled down, I decided to write a review for my 1st flat purchased.

Noticed Casa Interior Design through the internet with a lot of positive reviews. Coincidentally I got a referral from a close friend. Without hesitation and after meeting a few sessions I decided to engage their service. Let’s just skip through the pros and go straight into the cons.

1 – Painting error a few times.

2 – MBR Wardrobe wrong measurements and wrong design (requested an open L corner) blessing in disguise was able to convert what I wanted due to wrong measurements) but however I have extra spaces beside my window. (measurement is still short)

3 – Kitchen gas stove too near to refrigerator. (I assume choosing a smaller sink so that the stove will shift slightly more away from the refrigerator, miss communications)

4 – 2nd room Wardrobe design wrong which causes my child finger caught at times. (requested same with MBR open L corner) can’t edit because need to top up amount as I already sign the drawings. Even after adjusting hinges doesn’t help.

5 – Deep scratch on window grills (only noticed recently because is at an odd area)

I do take partial responsibilities. Reason being I do not understand the drawing clearly and signing without clear/proper communications. I shall take this as an experience and hopefully, the next house I’m will put across my requirements and understand clearly before signing any agreement.

Overall, it was all about communications or miss communication at times. I will still recommend to my friends or relatives with my personal experiences. I believe with my review and other client positive reviews I’ll believe Casa Interior Design Pte Ltd will excel and improve even better.