After meeting up with a few IDs, we have decided to engage Cecilia Yow to build our dream home! We felt assured when we spoke to her as we can see that she is very experienced in her field. The ideas that Cecilia proposed are nice and practical which helps us save on
unnecessary cost. The quote is very detailed, which does not have much-hidden cost. She highlighted to us the material used and we need to top up for changes to the material. The estimated electrical cost is also included. It helps us to keep the Reno within our budget.

She is very accommodative to our last minute changes, keeping us up to date on our renovation progress, and work within schedule given. They have got a very helpful team of tilers, carpenters and electricians.

She is more than happy to help us rectify any defects of the renovation even after we move in. We are still able to consult her on the house matters after handover and moving in. The whole renovation journey is pretty much smooth and fuss free.