We were taking our own time and we must have met at least 12 IDs; but only Alvin stood out with his eagerness and sincerity. The rest seemed to be just going through the motion. On the first meeting, Alvin was clear and took us through room by room on the floor plan to find out what basic requirements we had. Guilty to say, we had no clue what we wanted or what should be needed as we never really did do any homework, which is why we wanted an ID instead of a contractor. Unlike some from bigger companies, they showed displeasure once we said we didn’t have an idea and even commented “I cannot help if you don’t know what you want”. Alvin was patient and we could tell he was genuine in helping by slowly guiding us and telling us what other people have done and what he would recommend. We even left the design and colour scheme entirely up to him and when he returned on the second meeting with his mood board, we loved it!

Of course, the price was a factor too and Alvin’s quotation was one of the affordable range but it was his dedication that made us decide to work with him. Through the renovation process, it was almost a breeze. Although he was quite forgetful (we found out that at that point he was going through some rough patches at work and personal life) but never once did he debate and find excuses why certain items were not done. All he was concerned was to get it done to our expectations, never once did he ever show displeasure and we were truly appreciative of his patience and understanding.

At the end of the renovation, we and everyone who visited had nothing but praises for the workmanship of the carpentry. We would not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone who needs an ID, and if we ever do move out and get a new place, we will most definitely look for him again! Thank you so much for your hard work, Alvin!!