I am extremely happy to have engaged Mr. Cool “Javerson” and Dots N Tots.

Today we made the final payment after completion of our renovation. We had an excellent renovation journey and our ID Javerson delivered as promised the complete renovation within 8 weeks.

Secondly throughout the renovation period, whenever we encountered some issue, he was Mr. Cool – calm and composed and focussed on solving the problem and providing the right solution. With his always smiling face, we can easily forget the tension and calm down.

Thirdly, his after sales service is great. After we moved in, we identified few issues (not major, just minor ones) and he happily rectified all those without any hesitation and more importantly in a timely manner.

It will be without any hesitation that I will recommend him to any homeowner planning to renovate.

All-in-all, thank you “Mr. Cool”.