Jeff from SHE was the 2nd ID that I met up with. The 1st ID didn’t give a good impression so Jeff was the benchmark for me to compare with the rest of the IDs.

I met 8 IDs in total. After comparing, SHE proved to have the most affordable price and it checked most of our wishlist.

Jeff was the assigned ID and straightaway he was eager to jump in and kickstart with our renovation ideas. We opted for an industrial with a mix of old school/vintage/retro look. It has been a long time since Jeff had done an industrial concept reno this he was more than happy to chip in some ideas as well.

Jeff took to our ideas with an open mind and there were no negative remarks coming from him. He could visualize it really well and we immediately clicked. Jeff had some ideas along the way and recommended doing this instead of that, gave insights on practicality and also gave us cost-saving ideas.

As soon as the contract was signed, no time was wasted and a chatgroup was set up for communication. Everything was done openly and Jeff was contactable all the way.

During the renovation, there was some issue with the original layout of our unit and the proposed plan. We couldn’t follow exactly on the designed plan so we make do with plan B and the outcome looked seamless as if there was no issue at all.

After the handover of the house, there were some minor issues with the appliances but it was quickly resolved after contacting Jeff. Jeff was able to call the contractors and the matter was settled within 1-2 days.

We had services done to our house after the reno and the people that came commented that our house looks really nice and the workmanship was good too. I enjoyed more being at home now. There’s plentiful to look at and I am really satisfied with the turnout. It was surreal to be in the ‘new’ house as our ideas came to life.

I would highly recommend SHE Interior Design and Jeff as the ID. In fact, will be recommending them to my BIL and SIL for their upcoming reno. Thumbs up and keep up with the good work guys!