Got to know I-chapter thru Roadshow. Tues Teh has given us a very comfortable impression on the first met. Spending some times sitting down with his team on the spot to explore further on our renovation matters. We have spoken with him and mentioned to him that this is the first time that we are entrusting the entire renovation work to an ID company if we decided to go with ichapter as our families will be travelling during the 2 months of the renovation process. He has assured us that our request will be adhered to and if he is the appointed ID. The proposal to us is transparent and reasonable. After consideration, we have decided to award the renovation work to Tues as he has presented to us that he is confident to meet our request. Indeed, he has delivered his commitment and manages our renovation process smooth and hassle-free for us even we are not in town for almost 2 months. Tues will update us the daily progress with WhatsApp image or video.. he is also assisting us to liaise with our external vendor eg, SP, air-con contractor etc. The finishing work turns out exactly like his 3D drawing. We are also happy with the workmanship. Tues is responsive. I will strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for ID to manage the renovation.