Went to different ID firms to get quotation & MA Concept was the last in our list. Arief attended to us & took the time to brief us on the company’s background, vision etc. We were quite impressed cos honestly I have never heard of MA until I saw their ad on social media. So it was pleasant to learn more about them & somehow that also gave us the confidence to proceed & engaged MA.

Hubby & I are really happy to have both Arief & Shifa working on our house reno. Both are so easy to talk to & always offer great advice. Arief is serious yet can be goofy. Shifa is always so sweet & of course, I’m happy to have another lady to side with me when the guys (hub & Arief) tried to override my ideas 😆. Hahaha

To summarise, being our first time getting a house and doing such a major renovation can be really stressful; but both Arief & Shifa are always there to answer any doubts & queries.. and quick to rectify issues along the way. Thank you guys for all your endless patience with us. The house really turns out cosy & beautiful. Love it!