Jerry has been extremely patient, helpful and professional in my kitchen renovation and wall works for 3rm resale. I engaged him as my ID from Nov 2019 and completed the handover in Sep 2020. It was a journey of ups and downs as the construction and renovation industry took a big hit in the midst of a pandemic outbreak. Jerry ensured that he did what he could to expedite the entire project and I placed my full trust in him as I am rather clueless about designs, materials and colours to use. He took a risk to accept my project as I have extremely low budget as a single parent. He did what he could to help ensure that I am getting quality work done despite the tight budget. Never once did he try to take advantage of the trust I placed in him. If you are looking for someone reliable, Jerry is the man to go to. I thank him for his understanding and support as I went through more rough patches in my personal life. Jerry is an ID turned friend and I’m glad to have chosen him and his company to take care of my renovation project.