Prior to our first meet up with Ken, we consulted two other local contractors who offered me about the same price. My neighbour recommended Ken to me and Ken’s insights and ideas broaden my horizon during the first discussion. He did not ask me about my budget or offer me fancy packages, instead, he asked for our preferences and personalities in order to help us plan for the ideal home. He did advance research beforehand to understand our floor plan and possible restructures, which included amazing ideas such as putting a mirror with black glass frame in the living room, and a beautiful bar table at the entrance of the house. He also accepted our suggestions such as to hack off the wall between kitchen and dining room and to have a complete bar area instead of a simple island. We had a great discussion and gained useful information during the first few meetups, which inspired us a lot.

In terms of communication, we had a group chat where Ken updates renovation details on a daily basis, we shared pictures, videos and advertisements to one another to make sure we were working on the same page. Ken was very helpful to answer every single question we asked, to consider all the suggestions and changes we would like to make. It is inevitable that our original ideas change so that Ken needs to revamp part of the design plan to suit our requirements. Ken is polite, professional, kind and responsible. With his help, our renovation completed within 2 months, which is faster than our friends. We should understand that sometimes due to public holidays and peak renovation periods, the team may not be able to put your project as the top priority when they have multiple projects on hand.

In terms of decoration and furniture, Ken provided us with many good recommendations and personally drove us around for shopping. We bought lights, basin and air conditioners from the places he introduced and shopped for other things online. We really appreciate Ken spending so much time communicating with us, bringing us around and even settling small repairs for us towards the end of the project. His service also has a warranty period to take good care of our house condition in future. Our total cost is greater than expected but we are willing to pay extra for better service and quality.

Overall we satisfied with Ken’s service very much and we will definitely recommend him to our friends in future. Thank you Ken for the wonderful renovation experience!