After meeting 10 other IDs and going through their quotations, I eventually settled for Eddie from I-Chapter. During our first few talks, his sincere and easy-going personality made the talks very enjoyable. He is also able to give me ideas that I like regarding our renovation and able to see things the other IDs could not.

On top of that, his quotation was also the most competitively priced. Putting two and two together, we hired Eddie to handle our renovation.

Our renovation process wasn’t exactly smooth (all renovation are like that so don’t worry too much) but Eddie is always there to help iron out the problems and help solve the various issues that came up along the way. I only realize how important Eddie’s role when our problems are resolved 1 by 1. We feedback and he will settle it.

He is always very calm and does his best in ensuring that our plans are followed to the letter. Eddie, despite his very busy schedule, is always able to meet us at any time (we met at like 9pm before to discuss things) and he always replies to our queries promptly.

The most impressive thing about Eddie is that he is always keen to please and is VERY customer-oriented. I believe this is very important in his line of work and he does it always without complain (hopefully) and with a smile. I believe his work motto is that as long the customer is happy, he is happy. In the end, he delivered our newly renovated flat within our budget and on time.

I-chapter is a company which believes in serving the customer’s needs with a smile and I can see that in every designer in the company, including Eddie. Hence, if you are someone who is looking for a very comfortable renovation process, do consider Eddie and I-Chapter.