Andy and Noora, the dynamic duo, get an A+ from my parents and me for their amazing work transforming our two 43-year-old (original condition) adjoining HDB flats into condo-like units from the future 🤩

You’ll find that you’ll be initially sold not just by their beautiful studio design in Ubi, but their welcoming and responsive attitude! Of all the IDs we reached out to, Andy responded the fastest and with the most detailed plan that was most responsive to what we wanted!

We continued to be won over by their attentiveness and responsiveness to our endless requests, and they continued to impress us day in and day out over the 8 weeks of renovation work! Let’s not forget that they did the renovation while we were overseas, so Andy and Noora kept us promptly and frequently updated, allowing us to see developments on the fly and work on any issues together expediently. We certainly felt like we were their number one priority!

Andy and Noora are avant-garde and have no problems with designing futuristic homes with dishwasher drawers, concealed toilets, downdraft Obro hob and hood, and smart home elements like smart switches, lights and sensors! They even showcased a Xiaomi robot vacuum at their studio!

We couldn’t have asked for better designers to help transform our dreams into reality. Thank you Andy and Noora from the bottom of our hearts.