We engaged Icon to do our home and we are thrilled with how our house turned out! A thousand thanks to our ID Roslan (Ross) who has been extremely patient with us in helping to make our dream come true. Throughout our reno journey, Roslan has listened to our needs and tried his best to create the cosy home that we envisioned.

Roslan’s vast experience and technical know-how enabled him to think of the most creative solutions to maximise the space and layout of our home. We love how our home is so beautiful and spacious yet practical and easy to maintain, with all the hidden storage and functions that Roslan came up with. It was great working with Roslan as he takes in our ideas, incorporates his own ideas and the results are simply outstanding! For example, when we initially wanted an open shelf in our dry kitchen, Roslan suggested a closed shelf to have a neater look. Putting both inputs together, he designed a mechanism that would enable the shelf doors to open up and be folded inwards so that I can choose to have an open or closed-shelf look according to my needs.

Roslan was also extremely helpful and guided us to choose the right colour schemes and materials for our home. His impeccable taste has helped us make choices that we have never regretted.

The best thing about Roslan is that he never says no when faced with a sudden request to change a design or add on a feature or even to troubleshoot unexpected problems. He tries his best to come up with a solution. For example, in the course of our reno, there was a ceiling leakage due to our neighbours above us. Roslan went beyond his duty to help settle the issue for us and the matter was rectified speedily! Even up till now, he still responds promptly when we need his help or advice with regards to our house issues.

Icon has also given good deals such as wonderful Blum mechanism incorporated into our carpentry. The packages and pricing that Icon offers are also very reasonable when compared with the other ID companies that we consulted. Their workmanship is also commendable. And of course, we are extremely satisfied with the end result.

Our house now is even more beautiful than we ever imagined it to be and than even the 3D pictures! Thank you Roslan and Icon for making our dream home a reality!