It was back in 2017 when my wife floated the idea of moving to be closer to my daughter’s primary school. When we received the keys for our BTO in 2010, the experience that my wife had in the renovation process was not as congenial as we had dreamed of.

Therefore, this time, we wanted to be sure to choose an ID whom we feel would be able to help us build our dream home. She dreaded the renovation experience from the first one. After much reading up, my wife decided to drop by Inspire ID @ Balestier. We meant to look up William but he was not around. Sylvester was the one who welcomed us and spoke to us.

Perhaps enjoined by fate, we got along very well right from the start. Sylvester was warm, genuine, and sincere in his sharing of ideas and suggestions. It was evident that he was very experienced as he was able to quickly understand and visualise the dream home that we would like to achieve.

In every meeting and discussion, Sylvester was patient and was sincere in listening out to the ideas that we had, especially to my better-half. From the design-planning processes to picking out tiles and lighting, Sylvester was genuinely accommodating and supportive. Every now and then, there were some changes that we wanted to make, and even Sylvester himself had some proposals with regards to the design ideas. It was truly, a pleasant experience.

What we really appreciate was that the whole process of building our dream home was a two-way street. As much as we would like to have everything done our way, Sylvester was the expert in terms of design and he always offered sensible advice and explained his ideas or suggestions very clearly.

A Whatsapp chat group was created once we had signed the Contract. Whatsapp is just a tool, but Sylvester was always prompt in responding to queries and provided us with constant updates about the progression of the works through text messages, photos, screenshots, and pictures.

Despite his hectic schedule, any hiccups or feedback that were highlighted (not many, only a few) were swiftly rectified. The coordination of the works was smooth and he had planned the timeline way ahead of time. Thanks to his foresight and capable management of the project, we were able to synchronize our partial moving-in without disrupting the renovation works.

The completed works were very close to the 3D rendering that was given. At no point in time throughout the renovation did Sylvester make us feel like we were imposing on him. His customer service competency is excellent. We are glad to have met Sylvester and Inspire ID, and blessed to have found a genuine friend in him.

Thank you, Sylvester, and Inspire ID for helping us realise our dream home for our family.