If you’re looking for someone who’s dedicated to the job and helps you to keep to your budget, jenny wang from weiken tradehub is the one you have to look for. One of my colleague’s home was renovated by weiken and we are deeply impressed by the workmanship of weiken, that is why we go for weiken jenny as few of my friends home was done by her and she has a very good reputation among my friends. she’s so helpful and tries her best to resolve the matter asap. The design was modern but practical. Most importantly, there was an assurance that our renovation was in good and safe hands.
Our renovation takes about 5 weeks and the final product was nothing short of what we had expected. jenny stayed true to what we had envisioned our house to look like.
Working with jenny was easy and she never once pushed for her own ideas. She listened to our needs and requirements and gave her opinions to improve on them. she was patient with us as she understood we were new house owners.