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[REVIEW] The Hot/Cold Water Dispenser That Gives Quality Drinking Water

Well folks, I set out to find the very best hot/cold water dispenser in Singapore, and I do believe I have found it.

If you are concerned with the health of you and your family, the novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NP3310i, may be exactly what you are looking for. We all know that water from our water sources may not be as clean and pure as we would like it to be. Old pipes, for instance, actually affect the cleanliness of the water that is delivered to our taps.

Clean and pure water is so essential to having a healthy and happy life, which is why I’ve decided to get this hot/cold water dispenser from novita. Along with having a great water filtration system, it also offers cold, hot and room temperature water – super convenient and time saving at just a tap away!

The installation team from novita took just 20 minutes to install, and 15 minutes to explain how the hot/cold water dispenser works. (It will take longer for you if there’s a need to drill a hole through your countertop to hide the piping.)

6-step Comprehensive Filtration System

I chose the novita HydroPure™ water filter to accompany my dispenser. This filter dispenses purified water through a multi-stage process. (There’s also the option of a HydroPlus® water filter, which offers alkaline antioxidant water.)

Here are the six stages water goes through for quality drinking water that is safe for consumption:

1. Sediment Siever
Removes things like rust and sediment that are built up in your pipes.

2. Pre-Carbon Element
Removes any volatile organic elements from your water, along with chemicals like chlorine. It also improves water color, taste and deodorize water.

3. The HydroPure™ (for my unit)
Consists of Purified water, Microbial inhibition, Hydrating water, Oxygenising water

4. Post-Carbon Element
Removes remaining pesticides, disinfectants and chemicals.

5. Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane
Effectively removes 99.9% of E.coli and Staphylococcus Aureas bacteria. Removes up to 0.1 microns of suspended colloids while keeping the essential minerals intact. It is also tested with proven efficiency by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR).

6. Advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp
Remove any remaining harmful particulates or residue.

Each filter will last you 6 months (1,800 litres) while the UV lamp can last you 12 months. The system has a filter lifespan indicator which displays an alert message to remind you that you will need to replace it. Now you won’t ever forget! If that isn’t one of the most thorough filtration systems out there, I don’t know what is.

So Many Colours!

The novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser is compact, functional which is a space-saving unit that does not take up too much space on your countertop and comes with different exciting colours for you to choose from:

Alkaline Water Is Also Possible

If alkaline water is what you seek, the HydroPlus® filter does everything the HydroPure® filter does, except it provides you with alkaline antioxidant water rather than regular purified water.
Alkaline water is said to be good for you for a variety of health reasons. The novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser is definitely a versatile product.

In conclusion, this water dispenser is definitely worth my investment. With the ultra thorough six stages of filtration, you can rest well knowing that you and your family are enjoying quality drinking water. No more having to lug heavy bottled water from the store. No more having to recycle or throw away plastic gallon jugs. No more huge stands with large plastic jugs to lift on top. With the novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NP3310i, it all fits conveniently on your counter top.

Other Awesome Features

1. Auto/Preset Dispensing
Auto dispensing options allows a default 10-second hand-free water dispensing. You can also preset your preferred volume of continuous dispensing.

2. Energy Saving Timer
Preset start and end time. Unit will switch to standby mode automatically after the end time is up to conserve electricity.

3. Child Protection Lock
Like how the function is named, it prevents your children to press on the hot water button accidentally.

4. Instant Hot Water
Access hot water instantly with just a click. Get piping hot water of up to 95ºC in just 2.4 minutes.

Here’s a short clip to show how it works:

Get your novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NP3310i today and rediscover the space in your kitchen while giving your family quality drinking water. For more information, visit


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