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RenoEST: 4-Room HDB @ Punggol Drive

Property Type:
Design Style:
Renovation Cost:
$10k - $30k
Area Size:
Professional Information

The Interior Lab

Chemistry of Arts
Average Rating :


Tell us your total budget for the home renovation.

Badri: Our total budget was about SGD 25K.

Why did you choose this concept for your home?

Badri: The concept of our place has a mixture of our passions in arts and media with “Industrial” as our main theme.


What features did you request for to achieve the look you wanted?

Badri: Living room: We wanted to achieve a clean look with elements of raw yet industrial.

Kitchen: To achieve the spacious kitchen outlook, we decided to hack 3/4 of the kitchen wall and replaced it with the glass window and enclosed it with the glass door to separate the two living space of the kitchen and the living room. Aside from that, we chose to have our cabinet only on one side and maximising the space by having breakfast top on the opposite side.


Which part of your renovated home do you like the most?

Badri: Every part of the house. We felt the house really fit our personality and customised to what we need.


Were there any concessions you had to make due to budget constraints?

Badri: No concession were made. Every details were carefully planned with the help of our ID, Edwin.


How was the design concept portrayed in the renovation?

The Interior Lab: The owners wanted a house with a touch of scandinavian/industrial input and with the flexibility to entertain a huge crowd (20+ adults and kids) in a confined space. Thankfully, the owner were willing to go with some of my unconventional ideas, which includes the use of more wooden crate like furnishing and furnitures.


Which part of the renovation was the most expensive to execute?

The Interior Lab: Among the items for the renovation, the most expensive was actually a customised crate sofa. The idea stemmed from the grand stand seats in sport stadiums. Every individual crate made to specific sizes was separable as was the cushion seating. This allows the owners to have the flexibility to spread out the crate for increased seating spaces or simply stack them together when not in use.


What are the elements that constitute the bulk of the renovation costs?

The Interior Lab: To blend with the industrial/scandinavian space concept, a lot was spent on recreating the texture of surfaces. That includes the screeding of the kitchen walls, laying of random craft bricks around the common spaces and the use of treated wooden crate pallets instead of the more popular lamination method.

What is the most unique aspect of this project?

The Interior Lab: The most unique aspect of the project was that the owners and I tried fusing different unique elements into a very limited space. The end result was surprisingly cordial. Every individual item seem to blend in perfectly.

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