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Project Specification

Project NameThe Verandah @ Matilda
Project TypeBuild To Order (BTO)
Address/LocationBounded by Punggol Field, Sumang Walk and Sumang Lane
No. of Blocks10
No. of Units481
Type of Size and Unit4- and 5-room
Highest Level 12 to 17
Estimated T.O.P Date Mar 2017
Tenure99 Years
Developer HDB

Bounded by Punggol Field, Sumang Walk and Sumang Lane, The Verandah @ Matilda comprises five residential blocks ranging from 12 to 17 storeys in height. You can take your pick from the 481 units of 4- and 5-room Premium flats offered in this development.

The name The Verandah @ Matilda aptly describes the development’s location in the Matilda district of Punggol, as well as its distinctive elevated verandah fronting Punggol Field. This urban verandah provides sheltered connectivity between precincts towards the future waterfront promenade, and houses outdoor community rooms where residents can interact.

The Verandah @ Matilda is designed with colonnaded verandahs, green lawn and lush surroundings to mimic the tropical architecture of the nearby historical Matilda House.

At the heart of the development is an elevated landscaped deck that sits on top of a carpark. Here, you can keep fi t at the fitness stations while the young ones enjoy some playtime at the playground. On the other hand, the precinct pavilion with an open lawn in front will serve as an ideal venue for large gatherings. In the centre of the landscaped deck is a verdant green zone with lush trees and shrubs. A small cluster of rubber trees will specially be planted here to bring back memories of rubber plantations that used to be found in the area.

More spaces for relaxation and gatherings can also be found at the two sky gardens fronting Punggol Field that are open to the public. Whilst there, you can have a chat with your friends at the outdoor seats or enjoy great views from the various lookout points.

Site Map and Location


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Development Progress

July 2016