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Practical Platform, Perfect Storage Solution

Ask any homeowner if storage space is essential, the answer is likely to be YES. Moreover, keeping clutter out of sight (and dust accumulation) is always better than leaving things around.

Image source: profitpuppy

Cabinets with non-glass doors would be the simplest storage solution (without unsightly clutter), but they are mostly fitted to walls or are (high or low) leaning against walls. Wooden storage platforms are fitted to the floor. Another use of such platforms is as raised flooring.

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My hubby and I have a special liking for platforms. Maybe because we are timber lovers of home fixtures, platforms hold an unusual place in our hearts. In our first home, we had a custom-made carpeted platform bed with side extension and low cabinet with drawers and swing doors, in the master bedroom.

For our second home, our new metal frame bedframe gave way due to jumping abuse by the younger daughter (who was then about age 12) about five years after moving in. We then bought a dark walnut wood-like platform bed with parallel side storage. The purchase was naturally an obvious choice.

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As for our current home, it was decided in the early renovation planning stage that we would custom-make a platform with storage in the living room of 100”x136”. (An almost equal half of the living room is the TV area where the TV console and sofa sit.)

Our platform concept was designed by Design Tray Interior (S) Pte Ltd (visit for more details). It adopts Systemind® Platform, a patented product that uses a modular storage box concept that offers creative space-saving solution. Using a special suction, each modular box opens up into storage box. Each box comes in a standard size of 60x60x30cm though customisation is available.

Image source: Design Tray

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Image source: Magdalene Ng

Based on a home owner’s desired space for the platform, measurements will be taken to determine the number of standard modular boxes and the number of customised modular boxes (for at least two of four sides). On installation day, each box is pushed against each other and simply secured with bolts and nuts.

Image source: Magdalene Ng

Image source: Magdalene Ng

If preferred, tables, benches and steps can be included in the versatile modular design. These are made possible by raising the top of a box or two. Within a few minutes, a platform can be transformed into a cozy corner, reading room, tatami room, bedroom or dining room, allowing the homeowner the flexibility of creating their living style. Another plus is the boxes can be replaced (if damaged), or removed and refitted into the next home if the homeowner decides to reuse them.

Image source: SFIC

Back to my platform in the living room… We have it designed in such as a way that two square tables of 80cm each can be opened up. On most days, we only use one table. When seated at the table, we would put our feet into the “hole” beneath the table. Two water hyacinth chairs (that complement our sofa set) and two tatami cushions are just nice for the family of four to dine or play mahjong!

Image source: Magdalene Ng

All the boxes on the four sides are customised so that the look is symmetrical. Another option is to use the maximum number of standard modular boxes to fit the surface area of the living room and just customise the boxes on the two sides.

Now, the storage part. What do we store in the boxes? Photo albums, books, winter clothes – you name it, we have it. The boxes are so useful…

In the five years that we have been using the platform, we find a few flaws. Dust gets trapped between the gaps, making cleaning difficult. Dirt gets into the boxes, so occasional removal of stuff inside the boxes to facilitate cleaning is required.

Image source: Magdalene Ng

The key reason being we do not use air conditioning but leave the balcony doors open most of the time. Due to our oversight, a few boxes have scratches and marks left by piping hot cup/flask of water. These can be removed for lacquering by the vendor but the colour tone may not be completely the same.

Nevertheless, our love for platforms overrides its cons. One such platform with storage isn’t enough for us. Even the elder daughter has a platform that doubles up as a bed divan.

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