6 More Pocket Friendly Hacks to Shave Off Renovation Costs for Budget Conscious Homeowners

  • Aug 29, 2022

Design: The Interior Lab

We have shared 10 Pocket-Friendly Renovation Hacks Every Budget Conscious Homeowner Must Know. Now, insiders have spilled a couple more cost saving secrets to help you rein in the renovation costs when you are on a tight budget.

#1. Request and compare quotations

Design: Team Interior Design

Comparing like-for-like costs across at least 3 quotations will help you make a more informed decision. In addition, the manner the interior design firms handle your request for quotation will shed some insights on the way they will handle your renovation project. Usually, a transparent company will submit a detailed quotation. Although choosing the lowest quotation may help you save costs at first, other factors such as reputation, service and workmanship matters too. This is because the overall renovation costs will increase if there are project delays due to the workmanship issues and bad service.

Design:  Yang's Inspiration Design

#2. Choose laminate or vinyl flooring instead of tiles

Design: Schemacraft Interiors

Since the cost of flooring may take up as much as a quarter or a third of the renovation costs, choosing a budget friendly floor covering will help you save thousands of dollars. Laminate and vinyl flooring is both durable and comes in many attractive designs. Furthermore, they can be easily overlaid over existing tiles without the need for the floor to be hacked. With proper maintenance and care, laminate and vinyl flooring can even last for 25 years!

Design: Nest Spatial Design

#3. Say no to false ceiling, L-box and clove lightings

Design: Fineline Design

The false ceilings are meant for concealing the cable wirings and trunking running across the ceiling. Unless you are going for a minimalistic theme, their installation costs can range between $4 to $7 per square foot. Nowadays, exposed wiring and trunking are made popular and trendy by the edgy industrial theme. Furthermore, you can also install track lighting, which is stylish and affordable and does not need false ceiling.

Design: GP/Studio

#4. Purchase furniture, lights and ceiling fans from overseas


My relatives and friends swear by it; that purchasing popular brands from across the causeway is much cheaper than getting the same pieces in Singapore. With the further easing of border measures, you can consider paying a visit to Tampoi Lighting Centre or Starworld Lighting, which is within the vicinity. Other than Malaysia, you can also consider purchasing from popular platforms such as Taobao, which has a wider selection to choose from. However, do note that there might not have any international warranty if you purchase from Malaysia. Furthermore, do check out the reviews and ratings before you commit any purchases from the online stores.

Design: Starry Homestead

#5. Recycle with 2nd hand furniture, ceiling fans and air conditioners

Design: MET Interior

Some of the preloved furniture shops actually procure furniture from the hotels, showrooms and closing furniture shops. As a result, you can find a stunning wide range of furniture styles at the preloved stores. Most of the 2nd hand furniture will undergo some refurbishment to restore to its former glory before being put up for sale, at a fraction of the price. Besides preloved items, you can also consider getting display furniture sets during the clearance sales. Aside from furniture, 2nd hand home electrical appliance stores selling ceiling fans and even air conditioners can also help you save thousands of dollars. Some of the air conditioners are brand new, since the previous condo owners have decided to replace them with the brand and model of their choice. 

Design: Elique.co

#6. Chalk up points, cash back or air miles through credit cards

Design: Fineline Design

When it comes to big item purchases, you should consider maximising your credit card to chalk up all the points and cash backs. Back then, we managed to redeem quite a fair bit of vouchers through our credit card points and for those who are planning for overseas travel, you might be able to chalk up enough air miles for a decent overseas getaway!

Design: U-Home Interior Design

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