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Part I: How to Choose Appliances for Your Kitchen Renovation

I have known quite a few people here who were on a shoe string budget but wanted to do renovations to their old homes. Because it is quite expensive to do a whole home overhaul, they decided to work on the kitchen renovations before anything else.

When doing kitchen renovations however, you have to remember that you also need to invest huge chunks of money, especially if your appliances need to be replaced as well. You need to invest your money in durable appliances which will last you for more years to come.


When choosing kitchen appliances, make sure you choose functionality over aesthetics. Still, it would not hurt for you to consider the aesthetic value of an appliance as well. When you finally get around to looking at kitchen appliances in stores, you will notice that you have a wide array of options – from energy saving appliances to high end top of the line and complex operation models, from low cost models to chic ones, how do you know how to choose?

This two part article will serve as your guide on how to choose the right kitchen appliances for your home renovation. We hope that through this, you will make better buying decisions.

  • Refrigerators. When choosing the right refrigerator for your home renovation, you first need to consider the size of your household. Consider how much you and your family store and how many times you cook and eat at home. For those families who always eat out, you do not need very large refrigerator space for your home renovation. What you may need to focus on is the build, material and the eco-friendliness of the unit.
  • Cooker stoves and ovens. Some homes do not actually need very large cooker tops and ovens. Meanwhile, some do. Determine your usage, then the material and see how it all fits neatly into your home renovation budget.

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