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Working From Home (Issue 10)

With more and more of us enjoying greater time flexibility and working from home, the home office is now in the spotlight. Check out this month’s issue for tips on designing the most efficient home office and ideas for decorating it to reflect your personality!

  • 5 Tips to Design an Efficient Home Office (Cover Story)
  • No Desk Jockey (HomeHub)
  • Luxe and Lush (Local Delights)
  • Literary Gold (Flavour of the Month)
  • Transforming Your Home Table Lamp into an Art Piece (Project DIY)
  • More Buyers Keen on ECs (Property Market)
  • 5 Ways Moms Can Balance Work and Family (Parenting Tips)
  • Stand Out from the Crowd (Aesthetic Value)
  • Stretching Every Dollar for Home Renovation (RenoEST)
  • Know Your ID: Urban Habitat (Simple ID)
  • Powerhouse Glam (New Kids on the Block)
  • Breathe Easy (Lust.Wish List)
  • For Better or for Worse – Tapping into Your Good Directions in Your Home(Geomancy)
  • Easy Come, Easy Go (In A Snap)