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Mirrors aren’t just for “vain pots”

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Come on, admit it.

You and I look into the mirror at least three times a day: when cleaning up in the morning, when dressing up (to go out), and when using the toilet (outside of our home). Unknowingly, this accessory could be the most utilised gadget in the home.

Depending on one’s preferences, mirrors can be installed in any room for different purposes. Whether they are used as conversation pieces or works of art, mirrors can reflect light and create new dimensions in a space. They can also be subtly incorporated into a room design to enhance the overall look of the home.

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If strategically placed, a mirror of an appropriate size will reflect a section of a room, an exquisite window view, or an exceptional piece of art hanging in the home that deserves specific attention. It can also be an art piece by itself, especially if its frame is well chosen to suit the theme of the room or to be a feature that starts a conversation. Even a simple mirror can draw all eyes in the room towards that object so that the mirror plays a terrific supporting role in the design of the room.


A basic essential

In every home, the permanent “resident” in each toilet is the mirror. We look into the mirror to see how we look like after a night’s sleep, to check if our teeth look sparkingly clean after brushing, to spot any dark circles under the eyes or any eye bags, among others. In just those few minutes, we would have looked into the mirror at least thrice…

I’m a lover of mirrors. “See” for yourself…


A fake window

In my first home, a long wall spanning across the dining and living rooms had no windows! Though it was not specifically dark (as the storeroom parallel to the kitchen was hacked to allow more light to come through), my hubby and I preferred a few windows…

To create a fake window facing the balcony and to let natural light reflect more light, we formed a big rectangle by putting four rectangular mirrors together, each about the size of A3. A DIY drape curtain was added to enhance it to look like a window.

Image source: susandorbeck


A design trick

Other than the toilet mirror that is a fixture provided by the developer, my current home is donned with a huge mirror that covers an entire wall in the living room.

Framed with three thin horizontal timber strips at the top and one thick one at the base, this mirror reflects the living room that houses the sofa, coffee table and glass wall that peers into the balcony and beyond. (I could even see the next building some 150m away in the reflection.) Three same-thickness vertical timber strips line the mirror into two equal halves. This mirror magnifies the actual room space, making it look twice as big. This design trick works well for this room as it is not very spacious. In a way, this mirror serves as an art piece as well as opening up the space with the big reflection of the room.

The living room looks magnificent at night when the standing lamp next to the TV console (but at the edge of the same mirror) is lit. As the lamp is not too near the mirror, the mirror reflection of the light does not make it too blindingly bright. The wall lamp that is fixed onto the middle timber strip also works its magic of an illusionary wide space when it is switched on. On the whole, it definitely creates more light in the space because of its reflection.

Another advantage of this mirror is its proximity to the main door. Before stepping out of the house, all of us in the family never fails to make a final check on our appearance, from head to toe! We do not leave home with a strand of hair out of its place!

In my second home, my hubby and I also decorated the dining room wall with four quadrants of mirror similar to that done in the first home (but without the drape curtain). The purpose was to create an illusion of space.

Image source: IKEA


A piece of artwork

In my first home, my hubby and I played with small square mirrors for a wall in the living room which the sofa rested against. Six pieces were placed haphazardly side to side, to create an artsy look on the wall. At the base of the mirrors (which is a straight line), a few small shelves were fitted to hold decorative pieces.

Image source: IKEA

Be it in the bathroom or somewhere else, the mirror should be chosen to improve the space where it is located. Selecting a frame colour that matches or compliments the room’s paint helps to make the mirror an integrated part of the design.

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