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Keeping Homes Safe for the Elderly


Studies have revealed that falling and tripping are the main causes of accidents in people over the age of 65. Unfortunately, most of these accidents occur at their very own home. There have been many perceived causes as to why the elderly fall in their own abodes. Some attribute it to certain medications which cause adults to be drowsy, have blurred vision or induce confusion. It can also be blamed on medical conditions that come with old age such as low blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, joint pains and stiffness, diabetes, epilepsy, poor vision, muscle weakness and dizziness.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that certain environmental hazards such as slippery surfaces, steep staircases, poor lighting and uneven floors can also cause the elderly to fall. There are actually many ways we can try to keep our homes accident-proof. In the bathroom, always keep the floor dry. You can also opt to purchase one of those non-slip mats to cover the floor. Grab bars in the toilet and shower is very helpful for the elderly in allowing them to keep their balance. You can also install a shower seat to give the elderly the convenience of sitting down as they shower while bringing the safety level up.

Make sure the elderly have night lights in their bedrooms. Better yet, keep the light switch close to their beds. Also, take note of the bed height. Make sure the bed is not too high as to be considered a hazard, yet not too low to put a strain on their backs. Do not scrimp on their mattresses – use a firm, durable mattress. To keep the elderly from walking to and fro the toilet at night, use a commode chair beside the bed at night. In case of emergencies, keep a telephone beside their bed.

In your living room and kitchen, tuck in electrical and telephone cords safely. Rugs may be aesthetically pleasing, but they could be dangerous to the elderly so remove them. Clear away clutter and make sure the furniture is arranged to allow for a clear pathway. Make sure all the furniture is safe and do not topple over easily. Finally, install adequate lighting.

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