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If You Still Don’t Know What the Colour of 2016 Is, You Need to See This

All right, I’ll get right down to it.

And the Colour of the Year 2016 is…

Cue dramatic drumroll…

This is huge, wait for it…

Simply White!


Sure, there are many different colours of 2016 according to various companies but we have decided to go with American paint company Benjamin Moore’s choice for obvious reasons. White is classic, white is clean, white is bright… you get the point. With minimalism trending these days, white is here to stay. Check out these 9 amazing designs that’ll make you turn pale (pun intended) with delight.


1. So what makes a classier-looking living room than one with a smooth, white leather couch and a matching velvet carpet? There isn’t much I can think of.

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior
Location: The Canopy – Yishun



2. Too often we get the weirdest colour combinations that look out of place and silly. But that certainly isn’t the case here. Interspersed bands of white, black, and grey here are a sight for sore eyes and somehow delicious-looking.

Interior Designer: Space Concepts Design
Location: 8 Woodleigh




3. We all want a living area that’s worthy enough to lay upon and stretch our tired backs after a long day of work and stress. This cosy little corner is decent enough, with a spherical chandelier hanging from the ceiling to add some bling to the white.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Livia



4. Glistening white cabinet panels and black floor tiles give this kitchen a modern feel that could potentially be difficult to achieve with a different colour scheme.

Interior Designer: Artisan Space




5. How we often associate white with purity and sanitation, I don’t know. I do know, however, that I would love to pull out every recipe book I know and get my sleeves dirty in this spacious kitchen.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: City Square Residences



6. The whiteness of this space is accentuated by the silvery tones of the kitchen appliances. Simple, neat, and original.

Interior Designer: Lux Design
Location: Blk 327 Jurong East St 31



7. A basic setup of an elongated table and identical chairs has my jaw on the ground. It might be the effect of the peculiarly shaped lights dangling from above. Whatever the reason, I’m convinced that white has much to do with it.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: Spring Bloom – Serangoon Ave 3



8. Look at this work of art. It’s as though somebody ripped this picture right out of a Disney-themed storybook. Delicate white cutlery, wine bottles, even a golden candlestick holder. What a grand dinner setting.

Interior Designer: Maxwell Interior
Location: 86 Toa Payoh Lorong 2








9. White, white, more white! It’s a beautiful white wonderland. That’s it. I’m completely sold. Somebody buy me a white house (pun unintended).

Interior Designer: 9 Creation
Location: Lakeside Condominium

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