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Tips for different areas of your home

Living Room

Tips for Styling Your Sofa

Sofa is one of the biggest pieces in the living room, and yet it is often overlooked unless we’re looking for somewhere to sit and watch the television… Read more >

3 Types of Lighting for Your Home: Task, Ambient & Accent

There are 3 main types of lighting: task, ambient and accent… Read more >

4 Tips to Choosing A Suitable Sofa for Your Living Room

It can be a mind-boggling effort to pick the perfect one for your home… Read more >

5 Steps to Become an Urban Farmer

How do busy Singaporeans get healthy, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables that aren’t expensive… Read more >


Water Heater: Storage, Instant or Gas?

If you’re doing up your bathroom, you’ll inevitably be considering installing a water heater to combat the chilly weather in Singapore… Read more >

The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist - Getting it Together

We give you a comprehensive idea on how to do your bathroom renovation right… Read more >

The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist - Putting Things in Perspective

Putting the whole bathroom renovation components together… Read more >

The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist - Finishing Touches

Learn about the final touches for your bathroom renovation… Read more >

3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Scary Shower Screen Accidents

While a glass shower screen is beautiful and a good choice for small bathrooms, we can’t deny that safety is one issue that shouldn’t be neglected… Read more >

Life Hacks to an Organised Bathroom Cabinet

To make morning routines less of a hassle, get your bathroom essentials organised with nine simple life hacks… Read more >


Washing Machines - Top vs. Front Load

When it comes to washing clothes, is the top or front load better?… Read more >

4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Washing Machine Running

Imagine having to deal with heavy loads of laundry every week and your washing machine suddenly breaks down… Read more >


5 Ways To Make Sleeping In Your Bed Healthier

It’s where we doze off every night, but most of us probably don’t give too much thought about whether our bed is the most healthful for us.

Read more >

How to Care for Wooden Floors

A beautiful home is one that is well-lit, whether by natural sunlight or light fixtures. Read more >

Bedside Tables: 3 Tips To Rock Your Bedroom Decor

You might have already heard: we sleep up to a third of our lives. What this means is that we should really look into it… Read more >

4 Secrets to Buying a Mattress

What this means is that we should really look into getting a quality mattress because that’s where we spend most of our time… Read more >

Top 3 Colours for Your Bedroom

Not sure what colours to choose for your bedroom? We suss out the 3 colours that are often recommended for your personal dreamland… Read more >


Types of Refrigerator: French Doors, Top & Bottom, and Side-by-side

The type of refrigerator depends on your needs, shopping habits and household size… Read more >

How to Enlarge Your Small Kitchen Visually

The problem with a lot of BTO kitchen nowadays, is that they are a lot smaller than the kitchens of old… Read more >

Comparing Sinks: Stainless Steel vs Composite Granite

After comparing the differences between a top mount and an undermount sink, now is the time to decide on the material your sink comes in… Read more >

Kitchen Sinks: Undermount & Top Mount

The kitchen sink is an undeniable part of the kitchen, small or luxurious… Read more >

Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer: 3 Key Differences You Should Know

There are 2 types of mixers, however, and you might be confused over which to buy… Read more >

How to Maintain Your Fridge

A major appliance that most of us can’t do without, the refrigerator is a must-have in the kitchen… Read more >

Cooker Hobs Explained: Gas, Induction & Ceramic

Cooking used to be such a simple affair. All you need is an open fire and you’re good to go… Read more >

3 Common Kitchen Counter-tops: Granite, Quartz and Solid Top

To decide on a suitable surface for your kitchen, you need to consider a few factors… Read more >

3 Popular Layouts for Small Kitchens

A few key things to take note when you’re planning your kitchen layout… Read more >


6 Ways to Beautify Your Boring Balcony

It can be a little challenging to live in a tropical Singapore where the weather can get a little nutty at times, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent experience out of outdoor living on your balcony… Read more >