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Homeowners Emotional Roller Coaster Ride during Renovation

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I mentioned that renovation is a journey and is truly an experience that most homeowners like you will never forget.

Hence, one of the key factors of a successful renovation project is for homeowners to be aware of the emotions that they probably will experience during the renovation project so as to minimize conflicts

Furthermore, the renovation professionals should also manage the emotional states of the homeowners and their expectations at every stage of the renovation project.

Therefore, here is a simple info-graphic to illustrate the emotional highs and lows that a homeowner might experience during the renovation project.


The brief elucidation that accompanies the illustration* is as follows:

Image: tumblr-roller-coaster-ride-during-renovation


First 3 months

The emotional high the homeowners experience when they received their keys will not last long. This is because the stress due to planning, budgeting and getting the right renovation professionals is the highest during this stage. In fact, most couples fight over the design theme, the budget and so on when they cannot agree on the scope and extent of their renovation.


Next 4 months

Once the actual renovation works kicks off, the stress level will only slightly taper off. The homeowners still experience a significant amount of stress since many decisions have to be made when the renovation is in the works. Furthermore, the homeowners have to monitor the project closely and attend to unexpected things that threaten to derail the project during this stage.

However, the stress level is at the highest when there are rectifications to be done. This is the stage whereby homeowners appraise the completed works by the renovation professionals. Most conflicts occur at this juncture when the renovation professionals and homeowners do not agree on whether if the works are acceptable and whether if the “design-off” has to be delayed.


Last 2 months

Once the last major milestone is crossed, the stress level significantly tapes off and the homeowners prepares for the move-in. This is where the anticipation and excitement of moving in the newly renovation place is the highest.

You are free to share the poster but please give credit to this site when you share it in your website, blog, other social media and so on. Simply click the image to download the file.


Happy Reno~ing! 🙂

Note: The illustration is based on interviews with past home owners. The timeline is just an estimate and the illustration only serves as a guideline.


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