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Home Renovation 101: Identifying Your Flooring

Floor mosaic background details

When you do home renovation, you also have to think about the floors. In Singapore, tiles are considered to be the top choice for flooring. But tiles are not just tiles. They can be classified according to ceramic, mosaic, porcelain and natural stone.

Find out which floor tile would best suit your home renovation by understanding the differences of each type below:

  1. Ceramic tiles
    Ceramic tiles, which are made of clay, are fired at high heat to harden. One side is coated in glaze and colour is added to it. Ceramic tiles, however, are not really as strong as other types and most of them, especially the poorly made ones, easily chip. Nowadays, ceramic tiles are used on walls in home renovations. The good side is, ceramic tiles are softer and easier to cut. So you have more room for creativity and it also has less wastage during its installations.
  2. Porcelain tiles
    Also in the same group as homogenous tiles, porcelain tiles are essentially made of clay and sand. They are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles so they are less porous and more durable. Porcelain tiles are often used in home renovations, especially in often used areas such as the kitchen, living room and the toilets. They also have lower water absorption rate. Notice how most home renovations – particularly kitchen counters, toilets and bathroom – use porcelain tiles.
  3. Natural stone tiles
    Natural stone tiles may include marble, onyx, granite and slate. Unlike other types of tiles that have particular patterns, natural stone tiles are rarely the same. If you like spontaneity in your home renovation, go for natural stone tiles. Stone tiles, are porous, however, and easily stain. So it has to be ensured that the surface stays dry.
  4. Mosaic tiles
    Mosaic tiles are often used as decorative accents in home renovations. They were very popular decades ago. Now, mosaic tiles are used in bathrooms and kitchens as they provide traction and are not very slippery.

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