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13 HDB Kitchens So Spectacular You Won’t Want to Make Them Greasy

In part two of our mini series on gorgeous HDB designs, we are zeroing in on the kitchen. As one of the most hardworking spaces, it’s often dubbed the “heart of the home” — right where all the action happens. The kitchen can sometimes function as a cooking zone, prep station and entertaining hub all rolled into one. For home cooks, it’s a particularly important space since it’s where you would usually spend a lot of time in.

Seeing as allocated kitchen space in Singapore’s HDB flats are often found wanting, it’s necessary to maximise what you have in order to accommodate your lifestyle needs. But having a kitchen that works well is only half the battle won if it doesn’t look good too. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best kitchens in HDBs that are as beautiful as they are industrious.

1. Easy elegance

Design: Box.ID Studio
Location: Yishun

In this gorgeous kitchen, contemporary meets rustic in the most flattering way. Woodgrain-lined drawers and wooden chairs are injected in a backdrop of glossy white cabinets and opaque black glass. For frequent hosts, contemplate combining your dining table with the kitchen island. Not only will this facilitate entertaining, it will create more counter space for prepping meals. Notice also how the pair of ceiling lights, aligned side by side, reflects the design of the custom-built piece below while extending the visual length of the kitchen.


2. Warm welcome

Design: DB Studio
Location: Tampines

If you want a contemporary kitchen that isn’t too modern, think of using warm woods to create accents with white. This helps to create a comfortable, homey atmosphere. Avoid using gloss, and opt for matte surfaces instead. Lines should be defined, while details are kept to a minimum.


3. Monochrome magic

Design: Dots ’N Tots Interior
Location: Tampines

Nothing is as striking or as bold as using just two contrasting colours in your kitchen scheme. We love how classic a black-and-white palette is. In this cooking area, a checkered flooring complements matte-black cabinets and a shiny black quartz countertop. White walls free from top cupboards and a half wall constructed with black-framed windows help to minimise visual clutter and keep things open.



4. Bright and open

Design: Fineline Design
Location: Hougang

Is your countertop too dark from overhead cabinets? If you need the storage space and can’t do without the top drawers, consider installing under-cabinet lighting. In this kitchen, storage space is maximised with a mix of open and closed cabinets as well as shelvings to the side of the island.


5. Snazzy sophistication

Design: Fuse Concept
Location: Punggol Walk

Adding a rim of wood panels to the indented ceiling in this dry kitchen adds a singular detail to the space, while helping to absorb noise and elongate the height of the kitchen. A wine rack is mounted to the side for easy access to the homeowners’ collection of liquors. Subtle red and black accents, seen in the exposed lighting, add panache in an otherwise homely area.


6. Swede Style

Design: Juz Interior
Location: Compassvale Drive

Here are a few tricks to open up your galley kitchen: open shelving, a glass window and an open entrance right smacked in the centre of the space. Awash in light wood and white, this kitchen is the epitome of Scandinavian chic.


7. Raw appeal

Design: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Ang Mo Kio

A firebrick red, quartz-topped counter enlivens this industrial style kitchen. The utilitarian theme is evidenced in many details, including the rusty copper backsplash, cement screed walls, cabinets swathed in corrugated metal-lookalike laminates and a feature wall made from diamond plate metal.


8. Next station…

Design: Story of Us
Location: Punggol Parc Vista

Want your home to be a constant reminder of your time spent in another city? Then get your decor inspiration from places around the world you’ve visited, like this kitchen that is inspired by the London Underground. It was painted in the official colours of red, white and blue. The homeowners made it their own with a custom-made station sign, which was derived from their own names.


9. A walk down memory lane

Design: The Scientist
Location: Serangoon Ave

This kitchen was brushed with a vintage, nostalgic flair. Old-school wares provide an authentic feel, while the kitchen counter was cast in poured concrete and affixed with wooden cupboards similar to homes in the past. Walls were lined in square powder blue tiles, while the flooring was laid with black-and-white diamond tiles.


10. Natural charm

Design: The Scientist
Location: Serangoon Crescent

Here’s a kitchen we wouldn’t mind spending hours in. Covered in rustic pale wood surfaces and enliven with spots of greenery, the cooking space evokes a clean and serene aesthetic.


11. Class act

Design: The Association
Location: Cantonment Close

The dry zone is set perpendicular from the wet zone. The former’s all-black scheme creates a seamless feel, while the latter evokes a timeless trend with Victorian style black-and-white flooring, black cabinets with gold handles and white subway tiles.


12. Hexagonal fun

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke
Location: Sengkang

Patches of bright blue hexagon tiles are seemingly added at random to the kitchen floor, giving the industrial-style space a cheery detailing. A counter leans against a half-wall that features aluminium-framed bi-fold windows, doubling as an island when necessary.


13. All that bulk

Design: Edge Interior
Location: Jelapang

See-through shelves hanging from the ceiling provide extra storage without adding visual bulk to the space. The kitchen is all masculinity, with black accents, cement screed lookalike surfaces and a pop of rusty orange mesh metal.


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