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Green Home Renovation


Ever heard of the green revolution? Well, in line with that movement is this so-called green home renovation. Green home renovation involves implementing green fixtures in your current home. It means making your current home eco-friendly. They may seem difficult and costly, but with the right tips and a keen eye for good finds, it does not have to break the budget at all. A green home renovation does not have to be done all at once too.

The first and most common way to achieve a green home renovation is to choose large windows for your house. Large windows allow you to make full use of sunlight. You may also create catchments to gather rainwater which you can eventually use to water your plants. When it comes to appliance, you can gradually change your old appliances with environment friendly ones.

When choosing your appliances, look for Green Label products. These products were launched by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC). This initiative is called the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme. With this, your green home renovation can continue to be underway. Under this scheme, environmentally friendly products are awarded with eco-labels, easily identifying them for the consumers. These products will help reduce carbon footprint.

Not many of you may know but your green home renovation should not end with the appliances. The Green Label actually applies to different industries, including wall coverings, rugs, deodorants and stationeries.

Of course, there are other options for your green home renovation too. It would be ideal to place potted plants outside along your alleys or even by the kitchen. Some residents are still able to do this, no matter how minimal their space is. In addition, minimise opaque partitions as these disrupt the flow of light and ventilation. You can opt for open space designs or glass partitions instead.

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