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14 Dining Alternatives for Small Spaces

Having a designated area for your meals complete with a full dining set may not be the most practical if you live in a small apartment. If you can’t afford to eke out a dining area, consider these space-saving eating spots instead.


1. Window view

We don’t usually make use of the space right in front of the window. And it’s a shame because it makes a great spot to place a small, wall-mounted table for your meals, particularly if you have an excellent view.

Design: Intrigue-d Design Consultancy


2. Pull-out dining table

A dining table that can be stowed away into the feature wall when not in used? Sold! Make sure that the wall behind the feature is a non-structural one though so that you can run carve out the space necessary to run the length of your dining table.

Design: Dap Atelier


3. Wall-mounted table

Sometimes all you need is a slim, wall-mounted dining table for meals. We like that the greige-coloured wall helps to anchor this tiny eating spot.

Design: Space Factor


4. Running the length of a kitchen

Instead of lining both sides of your kitchen with counters and cabinets, consider turning one side into a long bar table that lets you have your meals at.

Design: Absolook ID


5. Dining addition to TV console

Integrating the dining area with the living room is a great way to keep things compact. Similar materials were used on both the console and dining set to create a consistent, uniformed look. we like the high bench seating that also doubles as a privacy screen between the entrance and the rest of the home.

Design: Free Space Intent


6. Adjoining the console

Here’s another dining option that forms part of the TV console. It’s a more compact design—but no less stylish—as the dining area only takes up one part of the wall. Wine racks were installed at the side for the homeowners’ wine collection.

Design: UNO Interior


7. Island extension

In long, narrow spaces, a dining table extension from the kitchen island is a good way to create an eating spot.

Design: Ace Space Design


8. Bar counter behind sofa

If you love having meals in front of the TV, short of eating at your sofa, consider installing a bar table just behind your couch and having your meals there.

Design: Adroit Interior Design


9. Suspended dining table

If you’ve always wanted to liberate the legs from underneath the dining table, a suspended dining table should be your go-to. The pastel-hued hexagon flooring tiles add a vibrancy to the area, while helping to set this cosy dining spot apart from the rest of the home.

Design: Free Space Intent


10. Kitchen pass-through

A kitchen pass-through isn’t just for passing your meals through, it also makes a good spot for dining. Sliding glass panels can be closed when cooking is happening, while the double-stacked counter helps to hide the mess of the kitchen from the outside.

Design: The Design Abode


11. Island dining

Doubling your island as a dining table is one of the easiest ways to save space. Even a compact one such as this square-shaped island can work as a casual eating spot.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


12. Corner bench

A corner of the kitchen was set aside for a custom-built bench and a peninsula free from bottom cabinets, transforming this tight spot into a cosy dining area. Mirror panels mounted at the back serve to visually expand this small space.

Design: Distinct Identity


13. Part of the kitchen counter

Part of your kitchen counter can be used as a dining table. And when you’re not having meals there, the space can be reverted for food prep.

Design: Absolook ID


14. Counter add-on

A short extension from the kitchen counter creates a tiny eating spot without taking up too much space. Here, the designers chose to widen the width of the dining table rather than follow the width of the kitchen counter to make it more comfortable and functional for eating. On the other side of this extension are open shelves that serve as a pantry.

Design: Forefront Interior


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