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Buying Tips for Wooden Furniture

I have been busy helping out a friend who is looking for good quality wooden furniture for her resort inspired themed home.

Hence, if you are also considering getting wooden furniture for your place, you will find the following bit sized tips useful.


Types of Quality Wood

Wood comes mainly in Hardwood and Softwood.

Stronger, more durable but more expensive
Examples of Hardwood: Oak, Tea, Mahogany, Walnut

Less expensive but dent prone and less durable
Examples of Softwood: Pine, Cedar


Leveling devices

Most floors are not even and thus, look out for leveling devices when it comes to large furniture (since such furniture covers more area). These devices will allow you to fine tune and better adjust the furniture when the floor is uneven.



Furniture joints should be properly treated (i.e. double or triple doweled, corner blocked, glued and stapled) with no gaps in-between.



All movable components such as drawers – should be able to slide in and out easily and closed tightly when shut – and doors’ swing outwards without any noise and properly aligned when closed. In addition, the hinges should securely installed and not not rusty.


Interior and Exterior

The interior of the drawers/doors should be properly sanded and smooth. The exterior of the furniture should be smooth with no scratches or dents. All corners of the furniture should be smooth with no rough edges. Furthermore, the wooden finish should be smooth, clear and uniform in colour with no trapped dirt or bubbles.



If you are purchasing long shelves, there should be a centre support to prevent the wooden panels from warping under the weight. Furthermore, the entire furniture should feel solid and sturdy even when it is moved around.

I hope you have enjoyed this short article.

Lastly, I would like to wish all the Chinese readers a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

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