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18 Beautiful Homes in Yishun That Are Not Horror Stories

If you’ve been following the local scene in social media, you would have known that Yishun has a pretty poor rep of late. From giant caterpillars to cases of cat abuse to brothel raids, it seems the string of bad luck in this Northern town isn’t letting up.

But we are not about to add fuel to the fire. Instead, we are here to illustrate that there is a beautiful side to this district. All situated within Yishun, these gorgeous homes will have you rethink this reputedly scary, dystopian neighbourhood.

Design: Icon Interior Design

This home leans towards the industrial style, with key characteristics like brick walls, rustic wood surfaces, track lighting and black steel frames. The apartment adopts an open concept with the leisure room/study area cordoned off using folding glass doors and the galley kitchen left without a door so as to facilitate serving meals during dinnertime.


Design: I-Chapter

A bright and cheery home with the different parts of the home defined by different colours. The communal area for instance, features a fresh green palette, made all the more invigorating with a carpet grass rug. A platform with cove lighting creates a cosy corner in the living room. In the private quarters, a sensual red is used as an accent colour in the bedroom. Paired with rich, dark browns, it adds instant glamour to the sleeping space.


Design: The Scientist

Vintage furnishings and curios are decked out throughout this homey apartment. There’s an old sewing machine that was turned into dining table, a treasure chest repurposed into the living room’s coffee table and antique-looking brass fittings in the bathroom.


Design: The Association

Paint is a great way to spruce up a space without having to cost your month’s pay check, and there’s no colour as merry as yellow. In this Yishun home, they are featured as triangular geometric patterns on the wall. The designer also built an easy-to-access pantry cabinet just beside the dining table, complete with the accessories for making tea and coffee.


Design: The Scientist

Wood elements abound in this DBSS; you see them all the way from the living room to the sleeping quarters. They help to unify the home, and adds a cosiness to this apartment. The living room’s feature wall is enveloped in woodgrain laminates, and a section is made into a frosted glass cabinet to hide the media units while another has recessed niches to display the homeowners’ bric-a-brac. An interesting shelf feature was created for the study, for visual interest and to store books. The master bedroom cuts a handsome feature with a mahogany brown leather bedhead and exposed light fixtures.


Design: AC Vision Design

The modern classic aesthetic melds the best qualities of contemporary style with traditional elements to create beautiful, timeless spaces. This Yishun home is no different. Classic wall panels serve as a striking contrast against the neutral coloured walls in the living room. An ornate chandelier hangs above dining room, which is decked out in classic pieces.


Design: The Association

One of the main things the homeowners of this Yishun flat requested for was plenty of display cabinets to store their massive collection of toys. The designer at The Association acquiesced and the home acts as a mini toy museum. The vibrant colours enliven this otherwise muted space, awash in rustic materials like cement screed, plywood and vintage-looking woodgrain laminates. Other notable features include the master en-suite, which separates the wet and dry zones, as well as the walk-in wardrobe which has a full-length, see-through closet that proudly displays the homeowners’ clothes.


Design: Inspire ID Group

Part of the living room was set aside for a Japanese style platform, which functions as the dining area. This unique design was chosen because the homeowners like watching television while having their meals. The kitchen was equipped with a high breakfast bar table for quick meals. Notice the ceiling feature, which is made up of single bulb sockets wrapped around a rod.


Design: Diva’s Interior Design

To accommodate their storage needs, the TV feature wall in the living room came with plenty of closed cabinets. One part, decked out in exposed light bulbs, was designated as a display space. The corridor is a prominent space with a false ceiling design. Cove lights were installed to brighten this walkway.


Design: Hap Design

This dark and dashing 3-room flat in Yishun with masculine undertones is all about elegance. The home is decorated with sturdy furniture pieces, a rich and muted palette of wood and neutrals, strong, angular lines and stylish accessories.


Design: The Orange Cube

In this home, the kitchen island adjoins the dining table so serving meals would a lot more convenient. The study comes with a custom-built work station that faces the window and a cushioned bench for resting. There are few built-ins elsewhere in this contemporary home. Instead, the homeowners prefer to deck out their space with freestanding units.


Design: LU+C Studio

Neutrals aren’t boring. Case in point: this beautiful and elegant home in Yishun. We love the soothing palette that lends the space an air of sophistication. Pair the colour scheme with timeless pieces for a home that says classic and chic.


Design: Box.ID Studio

Here is a clean, resort-style space featuring plenty of white space and use of wood and stone elements. Spaces were designed open, so that light and air can enter every part of the home. The living room’s TV is set on a rotating wall so that the homeowners can view the screen even from the cosy corner of the home. A large aquarium was built into the kitchen cabinets. The cooking zone’s line of ceiling lights reflects the long counter that conjoins the dining area with the prep station. The bedroom is enclosed with folding doors that lead into the en-suite, which was separated into a wet and dry area.


Design: Linear Space Concepts

For folks who are big on industrial design, this Yishun home’s design should be right up your alley with its exposed wires and bulbs, steel metal bars and intentionally unfinished brick walls. What’s different about this industrial style home though is its liberal use of colours. You see it in the tiny details, the furniture – the galvanised chairs for instance – and even down to their wall accents which are decked out in colourful Spanish tiles.


Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

A raw, cement screed flooring defines the tone for this entire apartment. The kitchen has a wooden sliding door that can be closed when cooking is in session and open to hide away the open-shelf cabinet behind it. The dining area is set beside the living room due to the long and narrow layout of the apartment, but a light fixture made from hanging bulbs helps to differentiate the zone and anchor the eating area.


Design: Fuse Concept

A wall of mirrors helps to visually expand the square footage of this petite Yishun apartment. Beside the reflective panels is a custom-built feature that hides the shoe cabinet. The corridor is plastered with a wallpaper in a vintage newspaper print for extra visual interest. One of the common bedrooms was converted into a leisure space, where the homeowners store their bikes and where they indulge in video games and reading.


Design: D5 Studio Image

This modern, vibrant home doubles as a travel log. Throughout the apartment are mementos from the cities and countries the homeowners have visited. They’ve also put up a wall decal showing the world map in their study room, while the master bedroom has a wallpaper displaying their favourite city skyline.


Design: Fuse Concept

Kitchen islands are a great way to add more counter space in your kitchen. And unlike a normal peninsular counter, it can also double as a less formal dining table like in this Yishun home. The more formal eating space is a beautiful neutral coloured area set against a cement-screed wall.

So there you go. Think Yishun is still scary? Let us know in the comments!


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