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A Stone Feature Wall Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more interiors using stone or rock on their walls, for example in bathrooms as a backsplash or in restaurants on the walls. They look especially nice if used in moderation, and give a sense of luxury and regal beauty to the space where they’re applied.

I’ve also noticed that these places with stone wall features are often the expensive, atas places, such as high-class restaurants or premium brand showrooms. That does tie in with the image of stone as an expensive material. Okay, natural stone is expensive. It’s expensive to mine, transport and install in homes and buildings. For the rest of us who enjoy the look of stone walls but can’t afford the huge price tag, does it mean that we’re destined to settle for something that’s within budget but not our first choice? 🙁

Well, thanks to the solution I found, you can now get your own stone feature wall at a fraction of the cost and zero compromise on quality!

Meet CraftStone, manufacturer of stone veneers made out of lightweight concrete. Basically what they do is they create moulds cast from natural stone (the real thing), then use these moulds to make very realistic and natural-looking manufactured stone. These stone veneers, called CraftStone as well, are ¼ as light as full-thickness stone walls, so installing them onto your walls isn’t as tedious or demanding as that for real stone (which is seriously heavy. I mean, have you tried carrying a slab of real stone?).

And what I really like about CraftStone is the sheer variety of options they offer. From bricks to round stones to rugged ledgestone walls, you can choose from a wide range of stone designs and colours. Howard, Co-founder of CraftStone, tells me that Cottage Bricks, Old Used Bricks, Vintage Ledgestone, Country Ledgestone and Classical Ledgestone are all very popular among CraftStone customers.

“What our customers like is the fact that these have a wider selection of colors, so they can easily pick one that matches their décor. Also, they find that CraftStone offers very authentic looks, which really elevate the style of their home.”



CraftStone Cottage Bricks have a sharper edge and longer profile that replicate the highly refined air of Japanese bricks. Howard recommends lighter shades, such as in Austin (pictured above), for indoor designs.



These CraftStone Old Used Bricks in Redwood look like actual bricks and their coarse cement finishing makes them perfect for the popular Industrial theme!


CraftStone Vintage Ledgestone in Pewter Grey

The natural stone look of the CraftStone Ledgestone series offers tons of character. If you go for this, be sure to play up your wall with lights to bring out the texture and dimension of the rocks.


Full Quality Control

CraftStone is more than just concrete material that mimics the look of natural stone. Care and control goes into making every piece of CraftStone the very best. CraftStone can withstand the natural elements just like stone from Mother Nature can, so you can install it in outdoor conditions without any worry. Water repellent sealer is added to the surface before packing as an extra measure. During installation, you can also get your contractor to apply an additional coat of water repellent sealer for easier maintenance.

The precision that goes into its manufacturing process is why CraftStone has the confidence to give its customers a long 25-year warranty for its products. CraftStone also prides itself in its role in sustainability, and has been awarded the Green Label for eco-friendliness.

And since the company has full control over the manufacturing process, they are able to maintain consistency in colour and tonality. So if in future you wish to replace a piece or even extend to another wall, you’re able to get an exact match of the stone you bought initially!


The Best of Both Worlds

At the end of the day, CraftStone isn’t natural stone. If you’re a purist or just die-die must have natural stone, go ahead. But if you enjoy the look of natural stone and are looking for a more cost-effective alternative and easier installation, CraftStone is the place for you.

And who knows? Those retail outlets are probably using manufactured stone too. XD

Established in 1997, CraftStone manufactures high-quality architectural cast stone for Singapore as well as overseas markets such as Japan, Europe, America and Australia. Backed by a 25-year warranty and certified eco-friendly, you can count on CraftStone to deliver only the best.


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