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A History of Interior Design

Interior design has a rich history which has developed over the years and will continue to grow for years to come. The style choices we make in our home now often include elements of the architecture, patterns, textures, and shapes of the past. Many homeowners even choose to focus on specific periods such as Rococo, Victorian or Art Nouveau when finding decor inspiration.

For each period it is possible to pick out specific features such as the colour choices made, level of detail and even materials used. There are also often stand- out pieces such as furniture or moulding that are typical of that era, for example the stained leaded lamps of the Art Nouveau period or the overstuffed chairs of Victorian style.

Of course, these periods of style are also identified by the people that led them. Artists, architects, potters and many more all influenced the way these design eras were shaped. Many periods also had a distinct set of artistic leaders at the forefront, for example interior decorator, architect and goldsmith Juste-Aurele Meissionier of the Rococo period. Many of these names are still well known, and their styles still incredibly influential today. William Morris with his wallpaper patterns or Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s romantic style are two good examples.

Take a look at the infographic below to explore the history of interior design, along with the features and people who made each period great.


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