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9 Layout Ideas for Freehold Condo Fyve Derbyshire at Novena to Make It Rent Ready

If you’re looking to buy a property for long-term investment, there’s no better one than new freehold condominium Fyve Derbyshire at Novena. Its proximity to amenities, good schools and the town area as well as its accessibility to current and future healthcare facilities make it attractive to expats. In this article, using real-life interiors, we show you how you can do up the various units in the 71-apartment condo to make it particularly rent-able.


2-Bedroom Type A1 (560 sqft)

Having a dedicated dining area might be difficult when space is already scarce. As such, make your eating space do more for you. Opt for a bar table that can double as a home bar or a kitchen island as well.

Design: Earth Interior Design


2-Bedroom Type A2 (592 sqft)

You might think setting aside a seating area in the bedroom is a complete waste of space, but it actually gives you more purpose to your bedroom than just a sleeping area. Here, a ‘floating’ bay window area lends the illusion of a light and airy space, while the LED lights create an ambience to the room. It provides the perfect setting for a cosy corner for reading, while also giving extra storage space through its under-cabinets.

Design: AC Vision Design

In the master bedroom in the same layout, consider doubling your headboard as a storage space. Go full-height to lend grandiosity and create pockets of open shelves so you can display some of your items and also have them serve as your nightstand.

Design: DSOD Interior


2-Bedroom Type A3 (657 sqft)

Most people with this sort of layout would place the TV at the side, against a wall. But erecting a TV wall in the middle between the living and dining rooms creates a demarcation between both zones. And going with a swivel TV means TV-watching isn’t just restricted to the living room.

Design: DSOD Interior

Common bathrooms tend to be smaller than the master bathroom so you will want to be sure there’s plenty of storage space to store essentials and extra toiletries. You can choose to extend your upper vanity cabinet all the way to above the toilet, or go with open shelves like this instance here, which are visually less bulky.

Design: DSOD Interior


2-Bedroom + Guest Type B (797 sqft)

The balcony, which is blanketed in an artificial green carpet, adds a vibrancy to this space. The space features an open concept to bring the sense of the outdoors in, but the tinted sliding doors are in place in case there is a need to close off the balcony.

Design: Ethereall

Having a flexible guest room means you can use it when you have guests over and when they leave, the space won’t go to waste from unused. A Murphy bed is a great choice for a guest room as you can stow it away when not in use. We like that it’s built with full-height cabinets here, so you can make the most of your storage.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


3-Bedroom + Guest Type C (936 sqft)

A built-in ledge in the shower area provides a display area for your toiletries, a footrest when you need to scrub between your toes and a perch for a more relaxing bath-time.

Design: Elements ID

Positioning a hidden door to the bedroom keeps unwanted visitors from entering your private spaces. But it also lends a more visually seamless appearance from the living room, so that the appearance of the door doesn’t mar your design.

Design: Elements ID



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