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8 Simple Home Interior DIYs

I love DIY home interior projects because of the innate satisfaction from pimping my modest abode. In fact, such gratification comes from knowing that the project gives my place distinct character and sets it even further apart from the cookie cutter home design.

If you are also seeking ways to add a splash of individuality to an otherwise monotonous home but unsure where to begin, fret not! I have shortlisted the a few DIYs which are simple, aesthetically pleasing and yet functional from various sources.

For others who are hesitant to try these projects yourselves, you can consider getting your interior designer to do them for you instead.


1. Strap Hangers

Image credits to homedit

This is probably one of the easiest DIYs. These hangers can be made from leather and nailed to a wall or behind closet door and . You can use these for hanging umbrellas, belts, scarves and so on. Instead of leather straps, you can consider thick but colorful nylon ribbons or fabric straps and so on.


2. Cork Trivets

Image credits to homedit

This is a trivet made of used corks. Simply glue all of these corks together with silicon glue to form a circle or a square. Instead of a belt-flange, you can use a thick ribbon for the sides of the cork mat. Isn’t this a brilliant way to recycle your used corks? 😉


3. Ribbon Curtains

Image here
Image credits to Good House Keeping

This idea is perfect for jazzing up your children’s bedroom or playroom instantly. To make a curtain out of colourful ribbons, simply install a tension rod at the winder and tie the ribbons onto the rod in a necktie knot. Then trim them to the desired length. You can alternate width, length and type of the ribbons.

Image here
Image credits to Event Decor Direct

If you are not into ribbons and are looking for something classier, you can replace the ribbon with strings of crystal or glass-bead . Simply purchase the crystals or beads from the bead stores and string them all together.


4. Strappy wall basket

Image credits to Wood & Faulk

Matt Pierce from Wood & Faulk  created this strappy wall basket out of leather and wood for holding his mails. Well, I thought this wall basket is definitely a great replacement for magazines and newspapers racks. Another tip; you can use the Ikea paper towel rack and discarded leather belts. The step-by-step tutorial can be found on Design*Sponge.


5. Pencil/Pen holder cum note board

Image credits to homedit

This is another DIY which demonstrates how things at home can be repurposed for other uses. For instance, unused cork trivets have been reused as a pencil/pen holder cum note board. Simply stake and glue the cork trivets together. After the glue has dried, use the power drill for the pencil/pen holes and ta-dah~ You are done! Remember to leave some space at the side for you to pin notes or post it notes.


6. Jar Shelf

Image credits to Fresh Home Ideas

If you have a small kitchen with limited space, then this jar shelf should come in handy. In this case, the jar lids are fixed to the underneath of the shelf and creates more space. Read here for the steps.


7. Tile table runner or Trivets

Image credits to Fresh Home Ideas

If you have leftover tiles from your renovation project, you should consider using them as table runner. They can also double up as trivet which protects your table top from hot utensils. However, to protect the ceramic tiles against the tabletop, remember to use the felt protector. Cut the felt protectors the same dimensions as the tiles and glue them with silicon or spray adhesive.


8. Canvas cum Panel cover

Image credits to The Third Boob

This is one of my favorite DIYs! If you wish to hide away those really ugly socket or electrical panels, simply purchase an art canvas from Ikea, install 2 or 3 flat hinges to the side of the canvas and then to the wall while making sure that the canvas will cover the panel cover.  Vola!

There you have it – 8 simple DIYs which you can do over the weekend.
If you have any DIY project to share, I would love to hear from you too! 🙂

In the meantime…..

Happy Reno~ing! 😉

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