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40 Nail Polish Storage Ideas which every nail polish aficionado should know!

40 Nail Polish Storage Ideas!

Ask any nail polish aficionado what their hobby’s greatest pet peeve is….
…and their answer is probably how easily their multi color lacquer collections grow insanely out of hand!

Yes, finding places and ways to decently show off these countless dainty, colorful, and shiny bottles can be such a real estate challenge, especially if one do not have a spacious home to begin with. Aside from storing, organizing them into a rainbow of color spectrum so that it is easier to pick the desired shade quickly can be quite tricky too!

The good news is that there are actually plenty of storage ideas which can be either store-bought or even better, customised by your renovation professionals!

In addition, if you are confident of DIY, you can also considering making these at home too!

Out of these options, I would recommend going for the customised solution since your renovation professionals can easily integrate the storage look and feel into your home interior theme and even find amazing ways to flaunt these beautiful vivid and vibrant bottles!

Nevertheless, I hope that these nail polish storing and organizing ideas which I have rounded up below will fuel your creativity and even inspire you to invest in proper storage options with your renovation professionals!
Please enjoy your stay! 🙂


Picture Frame
There are actually many interesting home and decor ideas which we can do with these picture frames. One of them is to repurpose these picture frames as shelves for your nail polish collection.

Additional Tip: Create a stunning focal point in your living rooms with fancy picture frames in elaborate designs.

NailPolishStorage_00Image from


Image from decozilla


Image from amazon

NailPolishStorage_10 Image from

NailPolishStorage_27Image from etsy

NailPolishStorage_30Image from pinterest


Wall Cabinet
Get all of your nail polish supplies organized and sorted out with a slim wall mounted cabinet.
Yes, a slim wall cabinet is the surefire way to squeeze a little bit of extra storage out of a small room!


Image from barefootinbluejeans

NailPolishStorage_11 Image from etsy

NailPolishStorage_12Image from etsy


In-built Customised Solutions
If your collection is extensive enough, you can even consider a back-lit feature wall lined up with endless rows of nail polish bottles! Or get your renovation professionals to dedicate storage spaces for your collection of nail polish in the wardrobes.

NailPolishStorage_25Image from alison-elle


Image from irelishnailpolish


Image from pinterest


Image from glitterandglossnails


Image from voguehome

NailPolishStorage_20Image from s-media

NailPolishStorage_21Image from pinterest


Simple Wall Shelves

Wall mounted wire racks, slim shelves or even repurposed spice racks are good storage alternatives for your posh nail polish collection!

NailPolishStorage_33Image from


Image from pinterest


Image from hellbentforlipstick

NailPolishStorage_13Image from theoilposse

NailPolishStorage_14Image from lifesanity

NailPolishStorage_17Image from ayoungwifestale

NailPolishStorage_18Image from apartmenttherapy

NailPolishStorage_19Image from jazzyfantazzy

NailPolishStorage_22Image from stylisheve

NailPolishStorage_37Image from goodhousekeeping


Image from stylecaster

NailPolishStorage_40Image from stylecaster


Tree Trunk

Upcycling old tree trunks and branches by using them as nail polish stands. Such unconventional ingenious yet gorgeous center pieces are definitely a conversational starter!

NailPolishStorage_15Image from etsy

NailPolishStorage_16Image from etsy


Behind the Doors or Paintings

Get your doors or paintings pull double duty by hanging or mounting a slim cabinet behind them for your nail polish collection.

NailPolishStorage_26Image from mycosmeticorganizer

NailPolishStorage_23Image from diyshowoff

NailPolishStorage_24Image from admya


Re-purposed Cookie Jars
Big cookie jars are versatile treasures and undoubtedly best for flaunting your colorful yet delicious looking nail polish collection! 

NailPolishStorage_28Image from pinterest

NailPolishStorage_29Image from cosmopolitan

NailPolishStorage_32Image from belindaselene

NailPolishStorage_34Image from jewelpie


Jewelry Box
Unclutter your vanity top by categorizing similar hue nail polish collection in different jewelry boxes.


Image from goodhousekeeping


Cupcake or Cake Stand

Using cupcake or cake stand is a fun yet practical way to display the rows of candy colored nail polish collection.


Image from goodhousekeeping

NailPolishStorage_31Image from nailsmag


Lego Bricks

If you have spare Lego bricks, you can even consider building customised containers for your nail polish collection.

NailPolishStorage_38Image from slodive

Lastly, what better way to end this post than with an interesting vid from dailymail, which a Beauty vlogger spends 12 laborious hours painting 116 LAYERS of polish on her nails! :O

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