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3D Printing – the Best Kept Home Interior Designers’ Secret!

Unbeknownst to many, 3D printing is making a big splash in local home interior design!

What is 3D printing?

Image from Pinterest

3D printing, which is the process of creating solid objects from a digital file through successive layers of material, is already making big waves in the home interior design.

Why is 3D printing gaining popularity in home interior design?

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 The use of 3D printing has increased multi-fold with the homeowners’ gradual shift in focus for more personalized home interiors that are customized to their lifestyle’s needs. With the freedom to create distinctive and statement home interior pieces, 3D printing is ideal for homeowners who wish to introduce new experiences, add unique touches and tailor-made their home elements to fit their personal spaces.

Furthermore, once only available only in industry manufacturers and company labs, the 3D printing has become accessible to small business, schools and even hobbyists due to technology advancement. Furthermore, due to its affordable price tag, some homeowners are also increasingly turning to 3D printing for their D.I.Y home interior design needs.

Why are some examples of what 3D printing has to offer?

The short answer is, anything, everything you can think of!

The possibilities are only restricted by your imagination. For example, 3D printing can be used to create…

#1. Unique Furniture

Such as a butterfly motif coffee table and chair set.

Image from Freshome

Screen dividers in unusual designs.

Image from Freshome

Stack-able modular hex drawers.

Image from thingiverse

Funky skater benches.

Image from cults3d

#2. Funky Lighting holders

Such as a LED bridge lamp.

Image from thingiverse

Colourful suspended lamp holders.

Image from cults3d

#3. Fanciful Lights

Such as light bulbs adorned with sprouting cityscapes.

Image from thisiscolossal

#4. Unusual Kitchen Applications

Such as a modular backsplash system.

Image from thingiverse

Egg basket holder.

Image from Instructables

#5. Quirky Ornamental Objects

Such as curved honeycomb vases.

Image from thingiverse

#6. Practical Household Items

Such as a self-watering planter which prevents the prevents the neglect of your household plants.

Image from thingiverse

Self-designed door stoppers.

Image from thingiverse

A secret shelf for hiding important documents.

Image from cults3d

I am sold! So who can I look for to get my home decor designs 3D printed in Singapore?

There are actually a number of 3D printing services in Singapore. Some of them are only available online, while others allow you to take a look at their products before you decide to engage their 3D printing services. Here are some 3D printing services which you can consider:

#1. 3D Hubs

‘3D Hubs’ is an online store. To use their 3D services, you will need to have some background in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) design skills. Simply upload the CAD file online, get an instant quote by choosing the materials and finishes.

#2. 3D Generation Pte Ltd

‘D Generation Pte Ltd’ specializes in commercial grade large format 3D printing. Their services include conceptualization to consultation, prototyping and post-production, a one-stop service provider for all the 3D printing needs.
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark, Lobby E, #03-91. Singapore 408564

#3. Zelta 3D

‘Zelta 3D’ offers commercial grade high-resolution3D printing. It is also a one-stop service provider for all the 3D printing needs.
Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966

#4. Learners Hub Ptd Ltd

Learners Hub is actually a training course provider which also offers affordable 3D printing courses and services for people who are looking to design or print their own 3D models.

I have accidentally stumbled upon this 3D printing service provider while I was looking for a customized in-car camera holder. Wan Yee, an experienced designer, revealed that quite a number of home interior designs have turned to 3D printing in recent years since this technology offers them complete freedom in creativity. Furthermore, the 3D printing technology offers these tailor-made solutions at very affordable prices as compared to traditional carpentry woodwork.

Here are some examples of their works…
An outdoor signage.

Unique lampshade with setup Ikea $2 bulb.

Tall vases like this might take up to a day to be created.

Planter boxes in unique shapes and sizes which cannot be found elsewhere.

Here is a short video which demonstrates how a 3D printer prints a small shelf!

605A Macpherson Road, #05-04, Citimac Industrial Complex Singapore 368240

<After relocation in March> 76 Playfair Road, LHK2 building #04-01 Singapore 367996 


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