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12 Fashionably Black Spaces You Will Love

Pink might be the representative colour of February because of Valentine’s Day and red might be the colour for Chinese New Year. But black is perpetually sitting at the top of a very long list of rapidly changing trends. Simple, classy, and effortlessly elegant. It is no wonder why this mysterious, dark shade is so constantly raved about in the fashion industry. The market and love for black are not limited to fashion and accessories but are highly relevant and applicable to the interior design of homes as well. Black is, quite essentially, the go-to colour as far as modern themes are concerned. Without further ado, here are 12 spaces that attest to the fact that black is, and probably always will be, the new black.



1. There is as much black here as one room can hold. Almost everything is black, from the floral wallpaper right down to the shiny plates and bowls sitting on the dining table. Talk about setting the mood for a romantic evening.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: Punggol



2. A perfect example of how off-white and shades of black blend together sweetly like coffee and cream to give rise to a cosy environment.

Interior Designer: Idees Interior Design
Location: 260A Punggol Way



3. Modernity is at its best in this space. Curvy designs and groovy blue lights lining the ceilings complement the sequences of black and white, leaving you very much bedazzled.

Interior Designer: JSR Design & Renovation
Location: 21 Sengkang East Avenue



4. This is my idea of a comfortable bedroom. The dark colours at play here are not only aesthetically pleasing but would also effectively help the senses dial down in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design
Location: Ductchess Ave



5. There is something peculiarly enchanting about the juxtaposition of colours here. The lone pink seat on the balcony goes well with the black and white tones, brightening up the area just right.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Livia



6. The characteristics of this master bedroom are monarchial and grand because the dark colour scheme works readily with the vintage features. It would be appropriate to say that this room is fit for a king.

Interior Designer: Inside Living



7. Flanked by black countertops and shiny surfaces, this kitchen would make a lovely setting for social gatherings and whatnot.

Interior Designer: Archetype Pte Ltd
Location: Verdana Villas – Grace Walk



8. A bold sleekness sweeps one off their feet in this compact space. The polished drawer and cabinet panels match the charcoal refrigerator and flooring in a flawless manner, resulting in a very well-integrated visual.

Interior Designer: Maxwell Interior
Location: 501D Wellington Circle



9. As accurately portrayed by this galley-style kitchen, the combination of black and white never gets old. Just like classic movies, good books, and milk and cookies.

Interior Designer: New Decoideas



10. All colours seem to be compatible with black. In this case, the wood-laminated surfaces accompanying the dusky tiles and glossy refrigerator produce a style I can best describe as tasteful.

Interior Designer: 9 Creation
Location: 91 Tanglin Halt



11. Like how good cheese is always made better with a glass of fine wine, an interior’s elegance can be boosted with a dark colour scheme. This bathroom, for instance, would not pale in comparison to that of a five-star hotel.

Interior Designer: Lux Design
Location: 327 Jurong East St 31



12. If you want a more formal, academic appearance for your study, try black. This space did it and it turned out pretty well. The glossy floor-to-ceiling cabinet and study desk fit in snuggly with the wood laminated flooring like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design
Location: Boon Tiong Road

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